Xiaomi Cloud
Access your phone's contacts, photos and files from any browser

Access your personal app data from anywhere.

Migrate effortlessly.

Use your Xiaomi Cloud account to transfer your contacts, texts, settings, and content from your previous Android devices to your new Mi 3.

Manage your data from anywhere.

Go straight to your data at i.mi.com from wherever you are, on whatever device. You can even read and reply to texts sent to your phone from any browser.

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Sharing is easy.

Xiaomi Cloud is accessible across platforms and browsers.
All you need is an Internet connection.

Share photos with just a few taps.

When you share an album with friends and family, they can add pictures of their own to the album as well.
It's the perfect way to round up photos without getting bogged down in long email chains.

Your data is safe with us.

We encrypt all your data with well preserved keys.

Configure Xiaomi Cloud on your device

1.Make sure that you're using the latest version of MIUI

Xiaomi Cloud requires your phone to be running MIUI V4 or higher

Download the latest version of MIUI

2.On your device, open the Xiaomi Cloud app and sign in

By default, the Xiaomi Cloud app is located in the "System" app folder on your Home screen. Open it and follow the onscreen instructions to sign in. (Alternatively, you can also sign in by touching "Add account" on the "Settings" menu.)